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Single Lady, Loretta Is Online Ready To Chat With You – Click To Hook Up With Her Now

Hello guys!! This Rich and beautiful Single Lady who goes by the name Loretta Ricks residing in 4431 Prospect Valley Road Los Angeles California, USA is online now ready to chat with the man of her dreams. A Reliable, loyal, kind, generous in love, self-confident. A man Which will become her true friend and close person. A man with whom she will create a strong, tender relationship.

This is a rich lady who is ready to take care of you, Spend her money on you and show you love, is very caring, respectful and loving, If you’re serious and interested, then you’re in the right site for it and it is free and simple.

If you are looking for real and genuine lady phone number to chat on Whatsapp or call, then you have certainly arrived at the best Dating Site.

This lady is super-rich but lonely. She required a man who will show her adequate love, care, and affection. She needs a man who will satisfy her and make her craving for more.

My name is Loretta Ricks . I reside in 2745 Heritage Road Fresno, California, USA. I am a simple, young woman, who needs love, who dreams to meet a serious and kind man and make each other happy. I enjoy everything at once. I am open-minded and prefer not to stay in one place for a long time. I like to develop myself, open this wonderful world for me, to know something new every day and make people smile. But most of all I love to create something with my hands. I like to surround myself with beautiful things and interesting people. I think, the most sad moment is to be alone in your life. That’s why I need my man. I love to laugh, and even if I have some troubles, I prefer to meet new day with a smile. I am sure, that with me, you can do a little discovery every day. I always find something to surprise you! Just make a first step towards me and you will see, that life is wonderful.

I dream to meet the man of my dreams. Reliable, loyal, kind, self-confident. Which will become my true friend and close person. With whom we will create strong, tender relations. And we will always be honest with each other! I will do anything for him. I will sponsor his trip down to the United State to come stay with me when the pandemic is over. If you are interested in me, chat with me with this number (949) 877-1072

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