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How To Retrieve NOUN Edu Portal Login Password

This guideline is for all students who have successfully registered with Noun official portal, but in one way or the other, have lost their Noun login password.

Here is a step by step procedures on how to retrieve your NOUN Edu Portal Login Password, because this detail is important and crucial to your admission and education in Open University of Nigeria.

Which your Nou.edu.ng password, you won’t be able to have access to your NOUN Student Account.

How to Retrieve your NOUN Edu Portal Login Password

The very first step to retrieving your noun password, is to visit the National Open University of Nigeria ( NOUN ) School Website = http://www.nou.edu.ng

When the portal loads, you will noticed below the sliding images, a key image titled Change Password, OR Visit Here to change your Password.

retrieve noun password

When the website loads up, you will be requested to login before you’ll be able to change your password. Here is the official statement from the institution.

On which account do you wish to perform a password recovery?
You will need to login first to change your password.

When it loads up, you will be requested to to choose between three methods you will use to login, Selects Student.

Please take note that you will be accessing the account as a NOUN Student as i mentioned above.

On the next page, you will be required/requested to enter your Matric Number or Registration Number. When you enter your Matric or Registration No, proceed and click on the Submit button. When you click on the submit button, a similar message like this will display on your screen.

A mail has been sent to your email address: nou.org.ng@gmail.com
If you have any difficulty opening your mailbox, visit the ICT Center or send an email to support@noun.edu.ng.”

A newly generated password will be sent to the email address you used for Open University of Nigeria registration,

Log-on to your email address

This is very important, you need to login to your email address, so you can have access to the password sent to you by Noun.

Here is a similiar message you’ll received in your Email; A similar message as this will be sent directly into your mailbox.

Dear Student,
We are pleased to inform you that your password is: Dailyschoolnews

To maintain your accessibility to this portal, you are advicsd to keep you credentials as secret as possible.
Please remember to direct personal questions to the Administrator.

Copy the password, and login to your account. Wishing you the very BEST and don’t forget to share this information with your friends on facebook, twitter and Google+.

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