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List of Programmes Re-activated in NOUN for 2020

It is with great pleasure today, that I would love to notify the entire University Community and prospective students of the National Open University of Nigeria, that following successful National University Commissions (NUC) Resource Verification in 2020, Management has directed the resuscitation of previously suspended academic programmes as listed below.

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The affected postgraduate programmes include:

1. PGD Business Administration

2. PGD Public Administration

3. M.Ed. Guidance and Counselling

4. M.Sc. Business Administration

5. M.Sc. Public Administration

6. B.Sc. Accounting

7. B.Sc. Banking and Finance

8.B.Sc. Marketing

9. B.Sc. Public Administration

10. B.Sc. Environmental Health

Based on the foregoing, qualified applicants can now apply for these programmes.

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